Twitter: Ramanean

Web/Android Apps

TextOnly Browser for Android

Delete Multiple Tweets

    Users would be able to delete multiple tweets in a easy way - more 500,000 page views in a month

EPF Guide

    All about EPF

Read Tweets

    Users will able to read tweeted links devoid of any scripts,css,ads (Only readable content would be displayed)

PlayText - Voice service

    Dial a number and Listen to a Website

TextHer - P2P Messaging app for Android

    TextHer is a P2P messaging app for Android where messages are not stored or routed through any server.

Easy installer for Cloud

    Enables users to install packages easily on Cloud (AWS,Rackspace etc.,)


    Android podcaster for all webpages.This app converts any webpage into a podcast.

Encrypt Facebook Chrome Extension

    Prevents snooping on Facebook groups by encrypting the discussions.

Tsunami Alerters

T1 mp3