Encrypt Facebook

Encrypt Facebook is a extension that would encrypt the discussions,status updates in groups and store in encrypted format on Facebook's database instead of normal text and also it would convert encrypted format back into normal text whenever that particular group's url is accessed in Chrome.

Download Encrypt Facebook Chrome Extension

How it works?

User types a text and selects it..Once the text is selected it would be converted into encrypted format by this extension, so when the user clicks on post or presses enter ,the encryted format of the current text gets stored in database instead of normal text.

Refresh the group page if it's not working

And again from Facebook's database it is converted back from Encrypted format to normal text so that it gets displayed as normal text for the user and others.

What you need to make it work?

a) Chrome Extension
b) Facebook Group
c) And a Key

Key is any random text that would be used to encrypt and decrypt and that should be shared only with your group members and not all.Key should be secret and it's bridge between encryption and decryption

What Encryption it uses?

This extension uses AES256 Encryption which is one of the best encryption algorithms and it is even recommended by US Govt to encrypting secret documents.It's difficult to crack a AES key as it needs more computing power by brute force methods..

Why it's needed?

It's because Facebook and other social networks have been guilty of handing over the data of people to oppressive Corrupt Governments all around the world.It severly hampers discussions and protests which may lead to freedom,libery and justice for my people all around the world.Free discussions may lead to protests which may lead to thousands out of the poverty and freedom from 'Communism'..That's the reason why I have created this extension.The idea is simple and anyone can come out with much better extension for this and also for other social networks in "WALLED COUNTRIES".

Steps to use this Extension

1.Once the extension is installed,Click on the key icon next to the address bar.

2.A screen will popup in which you need to enter the url of the facebook group and the key with which you want to encrypt the content of your Facebook group.

3.Click on Save button to save the details locally (The url and key are stored locally and not on any servers)

4.Once saved,access the facebook group url page which you have entered in the popup

5.Enter some text as Status message and select the text by 'Ctrl+A' to convert it into a Encrypted format. E.g status message "Too much of capitalism and communism has pushed many people to poverty"

6.Then Click on Post ..So once you click on 'post' button the encrypted format of the text would be posted to facebook database instead of the original text.So if anyone looks into your facebook group they will be just seeing some bunch of words which has no meaning.

7.For comments also you can repeat the same steps and then press Enter button at last.

So all the status messages and comments in a facebook group would be stored in an encrypted format on a Facebook's database as Facebook would have no knowledge about what you are discussing on your facebook group and they won't be able to detect it also as it needs very high computing power to break AES encrypted text.

So how the page is displayed for the users?

To display the original text,this extension converts back the encrypted format using the key stored locally and displays it back in the original form.

Contact Details

You can contact me at @Ramanean on Twitter or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Ramanean


Facebook group url:http://www.facebook.com/groups/349925405039383/

Key: freespeechfreespeech

Step 1: Popup would be displayed when you click on the icon next to the address bar

Step 2: Enter the Facebook Groups url and Key of our choice,then Click on save

Step 3: Enter any message in the textbox of the Facebook group

Step 4: Select the message and Once you select ,it gets converted to encrypted format

Step 5: Then Click on Post button.

Step 6: Repeat the steps for comments also and then click on Enter

Step 7 : Comment also would be sent to Facebook database in an encrypted format

Step 8: Press Enter and see the comment also

Step 9:Disable the extension to see how the discussion would look for others!