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What is BrailleVoice?

BrailleVoice is an app which converts Text into Voice.

How it helps Visually Challenged?

It's allows a Visually Challenged person or anyone to listen to the news articles on Website/Blogs by dialing in a Toll Free Number (See below on how to do it)


  • Just call +1-888-666-4013 (US Toll Free number)

  • Enter the allotted number to listen to a site (See below for list of allotted numbers)

  • Press any number from 1 to 9 to listen to any article

  • Once the article has been podcasted,Either you go back to the main menu or go to site menu or Hangup

Search for the allotted number sites below!!

Add a site and get a alloted number

Search for the allotted Number

   Enter the name/url      


List of sites

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